Ashrafi Sultana

i am an artist. I had completed my BFA from university of dhaka. now i am student of MFA in georgia southern university.

The power of art and language of it as the human souls beyond personal or cultural backgrounds fascinate me. I feel as a student of art, it as the human force that enriches our by inter action of our contemporary life, illuminated the interaction with mentally and physically, change people mode surrounding by art. As an artist, I believe in integrating personal feeling about society and the everyday struggles of the common people. They are caged by power of political and syndicates, cultural suppression, corporate and governmental policies, economical race and all sorts of entities. Most of the time their urge for liberation fades out by all the suppression, but sometimes they manage to resist these entities of the society and create hope by overcoming the barriers.


My experience in Bangladesh as a female artist was enormously regulated and restricted by religious obligations and I am continuously fighting to overcome the traumas of those limitations created within me. After overcoming those struggles and sufferings now I am optimistic to experience a new sunrise with hope and humanity little more than before. I want to share that hope and feeling through the language that I believe in art.


My current ideas involve public interactions where I want my viewer to engage with the way like nature, environment surround us. I am inspired by inequality of anything surrounding me. Inequality of wealth is significant problem for human being in this recent time. Inequality of race, religion, gander are road-block for prosperous of human being. We all born as a human, we can develop our quality, we can build our behaviour, but we cannot change our root and physic. We can take humanity above all race, gender, religion and others. The interaction of the viewer’s creates inner connections and enhance the energy of the work. My exploration may have led me to risk a cohesive body of work, but I believe it has also helped to enrich my resource in search of originality and express my ideas. Because I dream of producing art of real that culturally conscious and artistically responsible with a novel and great approach.

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