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I am Ashrafi.

I am an artist and I have completed my Bachelors in Fine Arts from University of Dhaka in ceramic and Georgia Southern University in sculpture , now I am learning Interactive art at UMBC in Maryland in USA  And these are my creations.

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In the tapestry of time, the floral motifs of Bangladesh and the Indian subcontinent bloom across centuries, intertwining with tales of tradition and fortune. As consumerism paves its path, the artistry of home decoration faces a fleeting moment in the gaze of hurried lives. In the dance of ideologies, Marxism whispers of women seeking independence, entangled in the web of Bulgarian society and consumerist allure. A delicate balance unfolds – a short-term dalliance with profit, yet a long-term gambit of questionable returns. Amidst this narrative, a canvas unfurls with a stroke of creativity – a good luck tree painted with the hues of tradition. Beneath its branches, playful tokens beckon, inviting one to savor the touch of a bygone era. In this artistic realm, the motif becomes a vessel, and the viewer, a participant in the symphony of beauty and heritage

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This artwork is about colonialism and how it spread culture all over the world, like spices. I was also inspired by my El Anatsuai, how beer caps were brought all over the world, and how other bottle caps bring history in culture and how those objects relate to our roots. I was also inspired by Walter Benjamin's words, how the camera is not capable of acting with all of our auras. Besides, as I am living in the USA now, I find out people from different countries also bring different cultures and traditions to the United States and other multicultural countries. We can only remove our racial identity by mixing cultures by marriage with other races, by mixing cultures, ethnicities and identity, groups , traditions and so on. As I have brown skin, which is made for mixed races who came to the Indian subcontinent for business. We may all live in different parts of the world, but we all have one common ancestor and, commonly, we are all humans. I avoid interpreting these works totally, because I believe it is what it is. And the smell of the artwork, the warmth of the lamp and other elements related to the senses, will make an environment which is not definable like a poem.

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We all have one Artwork name: Hegemony Artist name: Ashrafi Sultana ses the red color according to pleasure principles. Hegemony is the dominance of one group over another, especially one country or social group over another. Hegemony is often used for the relatively dominant position of a particular set of ideas, group, class and state. In my artwork, one color dominates the other color, it is the metaphor of this artwork with all the intersections of life in society. In this consumerism and globalization, we all become mono. Mono culture, mono design, mono product, all become mono. And I am inspired by how a consumeristic society

My Participation

We all have one thing in common. We are all humans and we all have something in common-we live on the earth. But somehow we destroy our lives with subconscious-minded activity and conscious-minded activity. I placed this artwork in front of the gallery entrance. And gradually, the gallery visitors destroy shaped maps. This a representation of different types of actions we take to make the world worse for living lives. 

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Consumerism and depression

Consumerism and capitalism have no foundation, it is not a system, and it is a process, where reality is not reality at all. In a capitalist society “everyone is a shareholder. Everyone an owner, every one an entrepreneur". One is responsible and guilty for his particular fact. But there is only one relationship and it is a power relation, social hierarchy be coming flatten. For this fact everything is isolated, nothing permanent, and everything temporary. Because of this, there is no faith in anything. Which is create depression. ( read more in the video discerption)

Capitalism And Glowing Anger

Inequality of wealth is significant problem for human being in this recent time. Economy become the silent war in this time. (Read more in video description below the video) 

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The Puppet king

The debt economy is not a financial economy, because it is privatizing money. Even in most of the scenarios government has nothing to do with country welfare, they are just a puppet. When my artwork viewer watch my artwork they talked about different issues, how the government is manipulated by different issues and they cannot work on their role as a government.

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Slavery Still Alive

The debtor is 'free", but his actions, his behavior, are confined to the limits defined by the debt he has entered into. An action that keeps the person over which power is exercised "free".

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Touching culture everyday

If we go through this passage, we will touch those wind charm willingly or not willingly. Like we touch our culture everyday with the per-conscious, conscious mind and unconscious mind.

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Only my existence important, not me

The death of the poor man is the worst eventuality for the creditor. Death is the death of his interest. Credit, not only exploits the process of subjectivation by affecting the individuation of subjectivation by affecting the individuation of existence itself. Life is not biological life, it is bio politics. The content of life is not labor, but existence. Instead of money or paper, it won personal existence, my flesh, and blood, my social virtue, and importance, which constitutes the material, corporeal form of the spirit of money. Credit no longer resolves the value of money, but the human flesh and the heart. A bank represents on the one hand the centralization of money capital.

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The effect of neoliberalism is indefinite postponement: education as a lifelong process. Training that persists for as long as your working life continues, work you take home with you, working from work.  Another effect is the “control addict”: the one who is addicted to control, but also inevitably, the one who has been taken over, possessed by control. The system by which the college is funded, with this system they cannot exclude students from class, even if they wanted to. Resources are allocated to college students based on the successful exam result. The system “target” is “market Stalinist” to regulate public services... ( Read more in video discerption)

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The effect of neoliberalism is indefinite postponement: education as a lifelong process. From the late 18th century a sustained fall in fertility began in France, and fertility declines became general in western and central Europe, as well as in English-speaking settlement countries, in the last quarter of the 19th century. The reasons are complex. ( Read more in video discription)

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The Indebted Human

Indebted citizens, if it is not only individual debt, it is public debt. Every individual must take responsibility for it. It is making a person keep the promise..... (Read more in video description below the video)


Willendorf, Austria; in the Natural History Museum, Vienna. It has been suggested that she is a fertility figure, a good-luck totem, a mother goddess symbol, or an aphrodisiac. (Read more in video description below the video)

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The lost

Because of the pandemic were lost a lot of human life and got some empty table in dining table. Someone else will set in that chair, but some emotional space will be still empty. I lost one of my relative in this COVID time and I am suffering from mourn. (Read more in video description below the video)

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silent killer
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Global warming
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The lost

The class struggle becoming flat day by day, there is no other class hierarchy, and the only relation is power, a debtor with a creditor.

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