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I am Ashrafi.

I am an artist. I have completed my Bachelors in Fine Arts from University of Dhaka.  Now I am student of Masters in Fine Arts in Georgia Southern University.  And these are my creations !

My Participation

My description

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The Puppet king

The national debt is one the principal results of neoliberal policies, which have sought, since the mid-1970s, to transform the financing structure of Welfare-state spending.

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Slavery Still Alive

The debtor is 'free", but his actions, his behavior, are confined to the limits defined by the debt he has entered into. An action that keeps the person over which power is exercised "free".

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Touching culture everyday

If we go through this passage, we will touch those wind charm willingly or not willingly. Like we touch our culture everyday with the per-conscious, conscious mind and unconscious mind.

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Only my existence important, not me

The death of the poor man is the worst eventuality for the creditor. Death is the death of his interest. Credit, not only exploits the process of subjectivation by affecting the individuation of subjectivation by affecting the ...

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The effect of neoliberalism is indefinite postponement: education as a lifelong process. Training that persists for as long as your working life continue, work you take home with you, working from work.

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Consumerism and depression

Consumerism and capitalism have no foundation, it is not a system, and it is a process, where reality is not reality at all. In a capitalist society “everyone is a shareholder. Everyone an owner, every one an entrepreneur".

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From the late 18th century a sustained fall in fertility began in France, and fertility declines became general in western and central Europe, as well as in English speaking settlement countries, in the last quarter of the 19th century.

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The Indebted Human

Indebted citizens, if it is not only individual debt, it is public debt. Every individual must take responsibility for it. It is making a person keep the promise


Willendorf, Austria; in the Natural History Museum, Vienna. It has been suggested that she is a fertility figure, a good-luck totem, a mother goddess symbol, or an aphrodisiac.

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Capitalism And Glowing Anger

Inequality of wealth is significant problem for human being in this recent time. Economy become the silent war in this time. 

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The lost

Because of the pandemic were lost a lot of human life and got some empty table in dining table. Someone else will set in that chair, but some emotional space will be still empty. I lost one of my relative in this COVID time and I am suffering from mourn.

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silent killer
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Global warming
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Mother with light

(Traditional Mother Doll)

Height :12 inch Height :8 inch

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Garment collapse
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The lost

The class struggle becoming flat day by day, there is no other class hierarchy, and the only relation is power, a debtor with a creditor.

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